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Once you become a Pro-EFW member and purchase the Certification Application you will have access to our Certification Portal which you log on to through the website: www.equinefacilitatedwellness.org. You have access to your portal to work on your certification requirements at your own pace. The portal houses all of the forms that you will need to fill in and complete and your work will be saved as you move through the process. You may grant access to your portal to your Trainer or Mentor if you would like their help to review your progress or assist you in any way. You will be able to upload and save any required documents into your portal which will be reviewed by the Certification Committee upon completion.

How to access the certification portal and fill in the documents

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As a Certified Professional you may advertise your workshops on our website. Please fill out this form to post your workshop with the necessary information and submit the form.

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The list of resources below is derived from our Pro-EFW Certified Professionals who were kind enough to share a list of resources and information that enhanced their EFW practice.

Although Pro-EFW is listing these resources in our certification portal they are meant to invite you to be curious and discerning

in your viewing and interpretation of the information.  Find what resonates with you and other approaches that do not, in this way you will find your own path.


Equine related





EFW related

Mental Health Related


 Learning Related

Autism Resources:

The Federation of Horses in Education and Therapy International AISBL

HETI’s mission is to facilitate the worldwide collaboration between organizations and individuals whose objectives are philanthropic, scientific and educational in the field of Equine-Assisted Services.

1.      Respect

        • Members are guided by consideration for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of all
        • Members serve individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, creed, gender, religion, or sexual
        • Members ensure the respectful treatment of the equine as a sentient being and partner. Members are aware of the impact of emotional work on equines and safeguard their physical, mental, and emotional
        • Members obtain free, informed consent for all services provided, and, in the case of minors, obtain both the assent of the minors as well as the consent of their legal guardian(s).
        • Members respect participants’ right to privacy and disclose information only with valid written consent from participants and/or their legal guardians, in accordance with legal obligations and professional standards.

2.      Professional Competence

        • Members adhere to the highest professional standards in all aspects of their work with both equine and human
        • Members accurately represent their level of education, experience, and professional practice. Members only offer services within the scope of their expertise and competence as outlined in the Pro-EFW Scope of Practice
        • Members accurately represent to human participants the possible benefits, risks, and outcomes of activities. Members strive to maximize benefits and to minimize potential harm to both human and equine participants, at all
        • Members always engage in responsible caring for human participants. Members must remain cognizant of the fact that clients are often vulnerable physically, mentally and/or emotionally and it is the duty of practitioners to ensure their safety and wellbeing, at all
        • Members always engage in responsible caring for equine participants. Members understand that their equine partners are completely dependent upon their stewardship and do their utmost to meet their psychological and physical This includes ensuring that equines have adequate time for play, socializing, turnout, and rest, and that they are allowed to retire from this work when needed regardless of age. Additionally, members must have an in-depth understanding of each equine’s unique characteristics, as well as herd dynamics. Members engage with other professionals as needed to ensure equines are provided with appropriate day to day care, medical care, and any other care and support needed for their health and wellbeing.
        • Members use the highest degree of professional judgment to determine the appropriate level of contact between humans and equines and seek to avoid physical or psychological harm to humans and equines in all cross-species
        • Members strive to stop or offset any harm to human or equine participants immediately upon becoming aware of its likelihood or actual occurrence. This is to be done by terminating the activity or taking other appropriate remedial
        • Members maintain professional competency through continued education, skill development, personal growth, peer consultation, and supervision. At a minimum, members meet Pro-EFW’s continuing education
        • Members maintain appropriate records of all Equine Facilitated Wellness interactions and activities.
        • Members refer to other professionals when this is in the best interest of human or equine participants.

3.      Integrity and Honesty

        • Members aspire to the highest degree of integrity in all professional They take responsibility for their actions and would never take advantage of or otherwise exploit others for personal benefit.
        • Members demonstrate openness to and respect for colleagues and other
        • Members honour all professional and volunteer
        • Members negotiate and clarify the fee structure and payment policy prior to the initiation of service, and charges only for services
        • Members do not harass, intimidate, frighten, confuse, or otherwise act against the best interests of equine or human
        • Members model fair and respectful interactions with all participants and are aware that both purposeful and incidental interactions communicate certain messages to human and equine
        • Members avoid providing services to human participants with whom they have sexual relationships, either past or present. They follow relevant professional standards regarding engaging in romantic relationships with former
        • Members avoid dual relationships (familial, supervisory, financial, etc.) whether they are current or from the past, when these relationships may adversely affect the provision of professional Where a dual relationship exists, members take immediate steps to offset any harm that may occur.
        • Members agree to address any personal problems, substance use problems, mental health problems, psychological distress, or legal problems that may interfere with their judgment or performance. Members agree to immediately seek consultation and take appropriate remedial action, should their judgment or performance become


4.      Responsibility

        • Members commit to continuous professional development through ongoing education, consultation, and
        • Members agree to abide by this Code of Ethics for the protection of participants (human and equine), the public, and the profession.
        • Members agree to provide training to all personnel and volunteers regarding the content and application of the Code of Ethics, and to address any related questions or concerns.
        • Members agree to keep their memberships with Pro-EFW and other relevant professional organizations up to date.
        • Members take steps to ensure the culture and environment at the barns in which their equine partners reside are congruent with The Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines in Canada as developed by Equine Canada in 2014 and can be found at http://www.nfacc.ca/codes of practice/equine
        • Members abide by all federal, provincial, and municipal

This Code of Ethics is intended to be used as a guide by Pro-EFW members to assist them in providing Equine

Facilitated Wellness services that reflect the highest standards of ethical practice, professionalism, and integrity.

This Code of Ethics is intended to be used in addition to other applicable professional codes (counselling, social work, nursing, etc.).

The Code of Ethics is based on four principles that are fundamental to the practice of Equine Facilitated Wellness.


There are four main principles that are fundamental to Pro-EFW philosophy and approach to working with equines and humans in Equine Facilitated Wellness activities.These principles emphasize the importance of treating human and equine participants with respect, dignity, honesty, and integrity. They also underscore the need to ensure the safety and wellbeing of human and equine participants in all Equine Facilitated Activities. These principles form the foundation of the Pro-EFW Code of Ethics and are explored in greater detail in our Pro-EFW PDF Information Package.


            • Principle 1: Respect for the rights and dignity of all individuals – both human and equine – and the promotion of wellbeing for all participants
            • Principle 2: Professional Competence and sound judgment in the service of responsible caring for human and equine participants
            • Principle 3: Integrity and Honesty in relationships with human and equine participants
            • Principle 4:  Responsibility to society and the Equine Facilitated Wellness profession.

As a Certified Professional, Mentor and/or Trainer with the Professional Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness it is my responsibility to carry adequate Commercial (General) Liability Insurance for my specific EFW practice.

Mental Health Professionals must carry Professional Liability Insurance.

When applicable, Learning Professionals and/or Equine Professionals may carry Professional Liability Insurance but it is not required by Pro-EFW.

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