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Once you become a Pro-EFW member and purchase the Certification Application you will have access to our Certification Portal which you log on to through the website: You have access to your portal to work on your certification requirements at your own pace. The portal houses all of the forms that you will need to fill in and complete and your work will be saved as you move through the process. You may grant access to your portal to your Trainer or Mentor if you would like their help to review your progress or assist you in any way. You will be able to upload and save any required documents into your portal which will be reviewed by the Certification Committee upon completion. 


How to Videos

How to access the certification portal and fill in the documents

How to do your scope of practice

How to make and upload videos to portal

How to add mentorship and practice hours

How to download mentorship forms

Pro-EFW Webinars

As a Certified Professional you may advertise your workshops on our website. Please fill out this form to post your workshop with the necessary information and submit the form


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Code Of Ethics

Government Grant Information

New and Updated Insurance Information


As a Certified Professional, Mentor and/or Trainer with the Professional Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness it is my responsibility to carry adequate Commercial (General) Liability Insurance for my specific EFW practice.

Mental Health Professionals must carry Professional Liability Insurance.

When applicable, Learning Professionals and/or Equine Professionals may carry Professional Liability Insurance but it is not required by Pro-EFW.

New Swag Available For Purchase


You can now order your custom embroidered Pro-EFW apparel online from Avid Equestrian.


Step One: Go to the website

Step Two: Click on shop

Step Three: Choose the category, for example: women

Step Four: Click on an item

Step Five: It will bring you to the page where you choose the size and color that says:

Step Six: If you are an existing Avid Equestrian customer we will have your embroidery logo on file. 

Step Seven: Enter the name of your group in the Free Left Chest Logo field. Pro-EFW

Step Eight: Insert Pro-EFW and you will insert your option for French, English or Bilingual.   example:  Pro-EFW Bilingual or Pro-EFW English.  

Step Nine: Because there are 3 options for the small logo, you must be clear about which one you want.

The large logo is suited to a jacket back, French or English.  

Step Ten: If you are ordering a jacket and wanted front and back, indicate:

Pro-EFW Small English, Pro-EFW large English to get the front chest with the small logo and the large logo across the back.