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You can now order your custom embroidered Pro-EFW apparel online from Avid Equestrian.


Step One: Go to the website

Step Two: Click on shop

Step Three: Choose the category, for example: women

Step Four: Click on an item

Step Five: It will bring you to the page where you choose the size and color that says:

Step Six: If you are an existing Avid Equestrian customer we will have your embroidery logo on file. 

Step Seven: Enter the name of your group in the Free Left Chest Logo field. Pro-EFW

Step Eight: Insert Pro-EFW and you will insert your option for French, English or Bilingual.   example:  Pro-EFW Bilingual or Pro-EFW English.  

Step Nine: Because there are 3 options for the small logo, you must be clear about which one you want.

The large logo is suited to a jacket back, French or English.  

Step Ten: If you are ordering a jacket and wanted front and back, indicate:

Pro-EFW Small English, Pro-EFW large English to get the front chest with the small logo and the large logo across the back.